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Sunflex Industries is a highly reputed manufacturer of the finest quality pipes in India. Our comprehensive range of products includes the following types of pipes.

Fuel Pipes

Sunflex Industries has unparalleled expertise in manufacturing superior quality Fuel Pipes. We work with a commitment to attain maximum customer satisfaction through the quality standard of our products. We utilize top-grade raw material and follow a stringent manufacturing process while ensuring the smooth finishing for each of our Fuel Pipes.


Such quality-oriented manufacturing processes enable us to produce highly durable and sturdy pipes. Their long-lasting lifecycle and durability make them highly suitable for applications in automobiles, generators, and many industrial machines. Availing these Fuel pipes from us means availing the best value of money.

Hydraulic Pipes

We offer the finest range of Hydraulic Pipes in India. We have a well-defined manufacturing infrastructure and an incredible team of professionals to just focus on Hydraulic Pipes. Together they empower us to produce and deliver highly efficient products to our customers. Our well-trained staff is committed to attaining the best quality standards for each of the Hydraulic pipes and we are consistently delivering superior quality products.


Our hydraulic pipes are apt to be used in countless applications. They can be applied in various industrial applications such as hydraulic presses, cranes, forges, and packing machines as well as other commercial applications like agricultural machines and construction vehicles. Using our hydraulic pipes in your applications means making your system highly efficient and long-lasting.

Intercooler Pipes

Intercooler pipes are used in air-to-air or air-to-liquid heat exchange devices. As these pipes have to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, we at Sunflex Industries strictly follow a streamlined process for manufacturing them. We utilize the latest technology and have a highly skillful team to ensure meeting the tough quality standards.


As we utilize high-quality raw material and attain smooth finishing, our intercooler pipes become durable and strong. Their application makes your system high performance and cost-effective. Avail intercooler pipes from us for your needs and make your system a robust one at an affordable cost.

Intake Pipes

Sunflex Industries is one of the most sought after destinations for availing the finest quality intake pipes in India. We have a well-defined manufacturing unit and highly-trained professionals who empower us to produce unbeatable quality products with consistency.


Their long-lasting lifecycle and capability to withstand extreme conditions make them truly cost-effective products. Thus, availing of intake pipes from Sunflex Industries means availing the best value of money.

Exhaust Pipe

At Sunflex Industries, we are committed to offering the best value to our esteemed customers through our products. In order to attain maximum customer satisfaction, we offer the finest quality exhaust pipes at unbeatable prices.


Our comprehensive range of exhaust pipes comprises several sizes these pipes are ideal for carrying exhaust gases away from inside an engine or stove. Their durability and strength make them true cost-efficient items.

PTO Trolley For EPL

Sunflex Industries is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of PTO Trolley for EPL. Our commitment to quality and consistency in producing superior quality products at affordable rates has made us win great admiration from our customers. Their trust inspires us further to keep delivering the finest quality PTO Trolley for EPL at unbeatable prices.

Automotive Intake Pipes

We offer an incredible range of Intake Pipe at great prices. At Sunflex Industries, we manufacture them with the manufacturing processes equipped with the latest technology. We always ensure that each of our products, especially automotive intake pipes are made in accordance with the set industry standards. Getting for your needs means getting the best value for your money. 

Handle Bar

We specialize in making superior quality steel products including Handlebars. These are made with top-grade material while ensuring their smooth finishing. These features make them last long while withstanding the extreme conditions with ease. Get them and use them for your application to make your system truly robust and cost-effective.