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Lubrication Systems

For Lubrication Systems, hose pipes should be sturdy and long-lasting and we make SS Flexible Hoses that precisely match or exceed the quality standards in these regards.

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Ports & Ship Yards

Our SS Flexible Hoses are outstandingly anti-corrosive, strong and long-lasting. These features make them very suitable to be used in applications related to Ports & Ship Yards.

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Automotive Industry

SS Flexible Hoses by Sunflex Industries are considered best for applications in the Automotive Industry due to their high ductility, toughness, strength and affordability.

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Steam, Hot Water

We innovatively design and manufacture SS Flexible Hoses to sustain extreme temperature and pressure variations in steam, hot water systems over a long period of time.

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Pneumatic Service

Pneumatic systems comprise gas or pressurized air. SS Flexible Hoses by Sunflex Industries are sturdy and durable, thus very apt choices to be used in pneumatic applications.

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Paper Plants

As our SS Flexible Hoses are strong, durable and cost-effective, their application in Paper Plants in paper plants is aptly suitable. You get the best value for money by installing them.

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Hoses and pipes in Boilers should be capable of withstanding high temperature and pressure. Our SS Flexible Hoses are smartly designed with top-grade materials to withstand such conditions.

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Chemical Industry

SS Flexible Hoses by Sunflex Industries are incredibly corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, thus becoming one of the noteworthy choices for many applications in the chemical industry.

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