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SS Flexible Hoses by Sunflex Industries are apt to be used in refineries. They are meticulously designed to withstand high-pressure situations over a long period of time.

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Power Plants

Significant features like better electrical conductivity, flame resistance and diffusion resistance make our SS Hose Pipes very suitable for applications in power plants.

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Steel Plant

Steel plants need sturdy and durable hoses and our SS Flexible Hoses are made with top-grade stainless steel that makes them one of the best choices for such needs.

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Nuclear Installations

When it comes to nuclear installations, there is no match compared to the SS Flexible Hoses by Sunflex Industries that can withstand such a challenging environment with ease.

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Fertilizer Industry

As our SS Flexible Hoses are corrosion resistant, ageing resistant and diffusion resistant, such features make them a preferable choice for the application in the fertilizer industry.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Our SS Flexible Hoses are strong, durable and significantly resistant to corrosion. These features make our products suitable for accomplishing the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Cryogenic Service

For such applications, our SS Flexible Hoses are meticulously designed. Their high-quality standards ensure that they can sustain such extensive temperature changes for a long time.

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Vibration Absorber

We have innovatively designed our SS Flexible Hoses for smooth performance when it comes to absorbing vibration in refrigeration systems and in mechanical piping of various applications.

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SS Flexible Hoses by Sunflex Industries are the most sought after choices as piping solutions due to their adaptability to piping layout even with considerably small bending radii.

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Defence Industry

When it comes to the Defence Industry, one can’t compromise with the quality. At Sunflex Industries, we always ensure to attain the best-quality standards for SS Flexible Hoses.

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